Jungle Ko Mila Naya Jeevandaan

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Mountaineer on mission green

»Posted on Nov 16, 2008 in Article

Anmol Jain Tribune News Service, November 16, 2008 For most mountaineers, mountains are only meant to be conquered but for Dr. Harshvanti Bisht, a mountaineer and a recipient of the Arjuna award, mountains are also meant to be revered, loved, cared and protected. To her goes the credit of undertaking the first successful Bhojpatra plantation in the Indian Himalayas for eco-restoration of the Gangotri-Gaumukh region. Her transformation from a mountaineer to a conservationist began in the year 1989 when she conducted a study to assess the impacts of tourism and pilgrimage on the ecology of the region. Speaking to The Tribune, Harshvanti said that she was appalled by the extent of environmental degradation in the area at that time. At a height of 12,500, Harshvanti...

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Full Length Interview with Dr. Bisht

»Posted on Sep 21, 2008 in Article

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PBS NOW visits Dr. Bisht

»Posted on Jul 25, 2008 in Article

David’s Journal from India: Day 4 To Gangotri, A Hair-Raising Drive The accommodations are getting steadily more environmentally sustainable as we move north. In the river side city of Uttarkashi, gone is the air conditioning or any chance of hot water. “Enjoy your carbon-neutral shower?” Conrad says with a smile the next morning. Before breakfast we drive over to meet Dr. Harshvanti Bisht, an economist whose avocation is doing something about one of the other assaults on our glacier, beyond global warming. She runs a program to replant trees along the glacier’s perimeter. (Many trees near the glacier had been chopped down for firewood and without trees there is soil erosion which is another insult to an already sick glacier). We wait a...

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